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House rules: Saudade Apartments Sesimbra Cliff

House Rules

Our House Rules are very simple:

First of all, with our house rules, we want you to feel at home!

Second: take good care of the house as if it were your own, keeping it clean and tidy, so we have the best of both worlds.

Please take care of the house as if it were your own, keeping it clean and tidy.

  • Take out the trash.
  • Don’t leave any dirty dishes.
  • When using the glass curtain, open it fully and use the bracket to lock it. When you close it, close it completely and make sure it is securely closed.
  • Please roll up the stutters when the windows are open because they can be damaged by the wind.
  • Do not move the furniture inside the apartment to different places.
  • Be kind to your neighbours and please avoid making noise after 22h, as this is a residential building (Noise is prohibited from 22h until 8h in the morning as per the law in Portugal).
  • No extra guests are allowed in the addition to the reservation, only with authorization.
  • All windows and doors must be closed when leaving the apartment or during rainfall.
  • Please don’t put your travel suitcases on the beds or sofas in the apartment, there are specific places to put it, thank you.
  • All lights and AC must be turned off when leaving the apartment.
  • Smoking is prohibited in the apartment.
  • Please be safe and protect yourself by not leaning over or sitting on the windowsills, balconies, or handrails.
  • Events or gatherings of any kind are not allowed.
  • Pets are not allowed (sorry!).
  • Not suitable for babies and children under 2 years old.

*The property owners cannot be held accountable for the consequences of the misuse of electrical equipment, balconies, windows, handrails, stairs, and any other hazardous areas.*

Learn more about our Saudade Apartments and see all our little corners so you can feel at home away from home. The house rules are simple, don’t you think? Ideal to feel comfortable, but above all don’t forget that our house is your house!

You can always contact us, see how on our contact page.